Adwords Campaigns and Landing Pages - JFL

Adwords Campaigns and Landing Pages - JFL

Just Family Law (JFL) is a legal firm run by Chris Woods and Associates, specializing in Family Law and servicing areas around Brighton, Dandenong and East Malvern. The firm was originally established in 1989 as Chris Woods & Associates at Dandenong, but then expanded and changed its name (and an SEO friend domain name was purchased) to reflect that they practice Just Family Law.


Looking to grow the business further, JFL had ventured into traditional advertising forms to find their effects either negligible or impossible to gauge. They found themselves relying primarily on word-of-mouth for attracting new clientele within their niche market. A few months prior to initiating an AdWords campaign, Design Post had developed a website for JFL to help build brand recognition and raise awareness of their specialization in family law.


The building of the website was a positive first step to establishing an online presence and increasing brand awareness, however JFL lacked the appropriate marketing experience to appeal to potential customers and result in actual conversions.
JFL had two peculiarities which defined their target market: they offer a specialized service to a relatively small demographic; and service a small geographic region of New South Wales.

Our Solution

Design Post identified the unique online requirements in marketing the JFL business, and trialled JFL on a small AdWords budget. Along with a targeted AdWords campaign, Design Post implemented Google Local Business Search, increasing the quality of their online leads by applying specifically to searches conducted in the target geographic locations and therefore directly to their target market.

  • Specifically targeted Landing Pages for Family Law and Divorce (Lead Conversion Pages)
  • Lead Capture Forms (downloadable eBook and online booking)
  • AdWords campaign management with targeted ad groups
  • Rotating ads that can be measured against each other for performance
  • Targeted buying keywords
  • Geographical search targeting (50kms)


After three months with Design Post, JFL has seen the number of visits to their website increase by 30% and more importantly it has received qualified traffic generated by prospective JFL customers.

JFL has since increased its online Google AdWords campaign implemented Design Post because they know to expect a healthy return on investment through the Google platform.

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