Adwords Campaigns and Landing Page - GWS

Adwords Campaigns and Landing Page - GWS

Get Wet Surf School (GWS) is a family owned business that has been servicing the Gold Coast for over 10 years. Specializing in both beach and wave pool surf lessons, GWS employs over 5 qualified instructors to provide top class surf lesson experiences for families, children, backpackers and groups. GWS is the sole provider of surf lessons at the White Water World wave pool.


Having gone through a website redesign and search engine optimization program with Design Post, the owners self-managed their AdWords account when they began selling across Australia, but found their keyword cost spiralling out of control. The owners had investigated a major Australian directory listing but weren’t able to afford or justify the cost, based on past involvement.

The owners of GWS identified the need to beat their competitors online, but faced the challenge of being a small business with limited cash flow. Their website and search engine optimization packages had been completed and had achieved results. An extended payment plan helped deal with cash flow issues. After further consultation with Design Post, they also realized the need for online marketing campaigns to stay ahead of their competitors on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!7 and ninemsn.

Our Solution

GWS came on-board with one of Design Post’s affordable monthly starter packages; which includes a subscription to Google AdWords. Design Post managed a targeted campaign that looked at specific keyword sets known as buying keywords to generate traffic to their website and ensured their daily advertising budget wasn't wasted on poor quality search enquiries.

  • Specifically targeted Landing Pages - beach and wave pool (Lead Conversion Pages)
  • Online payment gateway / booking link
  • AdWords campaign management with targeted ad groups
  • Rotating ads that can be measured against each other for performance
  • Targeted buying keywords
  • Search targeting (locality based searches throughout Australia)


GWS' entire online advertising solution was designed in less than a fortnight. As soon as the Google AdWords campaign was activated, customers started clicking onto their website and the owners received enquiries immediately.

The owners of GWS were extremely impressed with how much Design Post could target their customers with Google AdWords for less than they were spending themselves when they managed their campaign. Based on their geographic location, Design Post could focus their online advertising to suite the region of Gold Coast and all search terms related to the Gold Coast. Google AdWords campaigns generated 30% of website traffic and enquiries for GWS based on analytics data.

“We have been 100% impressed with Design Post’s services. From the moment they built our flashy new website to the actual launch of our campaigns, it has been a great experience.”

GWS plans to increase their spending on search engine marketing.

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