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The value of local search, which refers to online searches with a geographic component, in Australia is significant. Statistics show a high consumer reliance on it for finding local businesses and influencing purchasing decisions. Here's a high-level breakdown of the current Aussie e-comm market.

2022: The total value of e-commerce sales in Australia reached over AUD 29 billion. Marking the highest e-commerce sales value within the last decade, showcasing significant growth from 2013 when e-commerce sales were valued at just over AUD 7.4 billion. (

2023: The Australian e-commerce market is estimated to be worth AUD 54.31 billion in 2023. This upward trend will continue, with an anticipated annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 10.68%. By 2027, the Australian e-commerce market is projected to reach AUD 81.51 billion. (

Australian consumer online retail spending has stabilised after significant growth during the peak pandemic years. Convenience remains the top reason for purchasing online, with 67% of consumers emphasising it. (

High Local Search Intent: Studies Reveal that nearly half of all Google searches (46%) have local intent. Meaning that users are actively seeking products or services in their vicinity. Capitalising on local SEO ensures your business shows up in these searches. (RGC Digital Marketing)

"Near Me" Searches Dominate Mobile: A staggering 84% of "Near Me" searches happen on mobile devices. With mobile search on the rise in Australia (averaging 71% in summer months), optimising for local search ensures your business is discoverable for consumers on the go. (

Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Most Australians (61%) rely on Google to make shopping decisions. Local SEO helps your business appear in relevant searches, influencing their choice. (

Local Search Drives Offline Sales: Local search continues to wield significant influence, driving a massive 9 out of 10 dollars spent in stores. This statistic underscores the power of local SEO in driving foot traffic and conversions, making it a crucial tool for businesses. By leveraging local SEO, businesses cannot only attract online customers but also drive them to physical stores, leading to tangible sales. (Google Data) 

Standing Out Locally: With a solid local SEO strategy, your business gains an edge over competitors who still need to optimise their online presence. For instance, a local bakery in Sydney saw a 30% increase in foot traffic after implementing a local SEO strategy. Appearing prominently in local search results attracts customers who are actively seeking what you offer. (Google Data) 

Local search offers immense value for Australian businesses by connecting them with customers actively searching for local products and services. By leveraging local SEO strategies, companies can capture this valuable online audience and convert them into paying customers. 

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