AI integrations - Automate What?


Using a generic Chatbot such as (ChatGPT) within your business presents some key risks and issues, such as:

  1. Proprietary and confidential business information can become publicly available once entered into the ChatGPT data set.
  2. Not all responses are equal—some, and quite often most, lack the specific detail required for business and effective decision-making.
  3. How does the data from your ChatGPT models fit into or integrate into your business IP and other internal data sets?

The reality after the hype!
The direction now being sought is how businesses use AI effectively and securely. Many frameworks and processes are available.
The best way forward is to formulate and plan a digital transformation strategy that incorporates the business's future vision.

Our clients have indicated these issues and priorities are front of mind;

  • Providing management with control and oversight on AI usage and outcomes for the business.
  • Attaining private and secure access for everyone in your business.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up staff for more significant value tasks and upskilling.
  • Meaningful and business-relevant results and robust Q&A on data sets/documents.
  • Connectivity and data flow into internal systems, tools, and customer-facing portals like email newsletters.

Next Steps:
Leveraging and gaining a competitive edge with technology has gained momentum in the last two years. 
Where are you on your business transformation journey?
Are you seeing real ROI?
Are you creating better customer experiences and generating better profits?  

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