Australian online advertising experienced a significant surge in the final quarter of 2015, to reach $6 billion for the twelve months ending December 31st, a 25.3 percent increase over CY2014. The growth, which was reported in the latest IAB/PWC Online Advertising Expenditure Report, is another major milestone for the industry, which has now achieved double digital year on year growth of at least 21 percent since 2010. Source IAB

Getting new leads and business fast is what Australian businesses are using Google adwords for. 
Is your business getting a slice of the online business pie? How much business are you losing to your competitors who are using adwords?

In the past few years marketing online through SEO and PPC techniques has grown rapidly. Business owners can market their products & services through wireless sources and reach a vast market both locally and internationally. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world and Australia and so is its Google Adwords tool for marketing online. With Adwords online marketing tactics, businesses can increase traffic to their websites instantly. With more internet traffic and click-throughs, there is more chance of converting prospect visitors to buyers. 97% Australian internet users chose Google as their official search engine as of DEC 2015, in 2010 it was 87%.  

Google Adwords is a very effective & efficient tool for online marketing. Since Google is a widely used search engine, its results appear instantly as the search term is typed in. With exposure to 90% internet users or some 14 million people approximately, Google Adwords is the most viewed ad campaign in Australia. 

To ensure that the traffic redirected to their websites is significant, marketers have to choose their keywords strategically. Choosing and identifying the correct keywords ensures business marketers are inviting the correct target market to their websites.  

The internet changes quickly with new technology and trends coming out every other second. Business marketers should constantly test the performance of their ads, the ongoing management and strategic monitoring is key to getting more customers at the best price. The time to get a larger slice of the online business pie is now.