Understanding the basics and opportunities that come from SEO (search engine optimisation) can help you bring in website traffic and new business. According to Hitwise, searches on Google in September 2010 accounted for over 88% of all Australian web searches. This why so much of SEO is focused on Google.

However, Google warns against SEO vendors making promises they can’t keep: “No one can guarantee a number one ranking on Google”

The difficulty and cost of raising your websites’ search marketing depends on how competitive the market is for your potential keyword. Keywords for major retail categories or products appear on many sites, creating massive competition for the top search ranking.

Every site has to start somewhere. When it comes to people we've heard it said that beauty is on the inside. The same is often true of websites.
The design of the site may be pretty and eye-appealing on the outside while the SEO elements are something a bit more technical. With a little work you can turn any SEO-ugly website into a sensational web lead and sales machine.

The point is you have to start somewhere. Short of moving forward with the implementation of a good SEO strategy your site will be falling short in a number of different ways.

There are some elemental factors of SEO that are the foundation of the online success that it brings. In the end, what we are all looking for is more business. But in order to get that there are a few things that need to be dealt with as part of your SEO strategy.

Key success factors of SEO

Before you can get your pages to rank for your targeted keyword phrases you need to be sure that the search engines can first find them, and second decipher them. This goes back to making sure that you have a strong, search engine friendly website architecture. You do this by ensuring your links are properly navigable. The navigation of your site must have a properly established hierarchy, and your content needs to be readable.


This is what we all want SEO for, right? Actually, while rankings are an important part of SEO, they are not the goal in and of themselves. Too many people look at rankings and think "I'm losing x amount of business because I'm not ranked #1. This may or may not be true. Different rankings produce different bounce rates. It's important to understand that rankings don't make sales they just provide a way in the door, and those that come in at #1 may not be as ready to buy as those that come in at #5.


Once you start getting rankings, even for low-volume but important keywords, you'll start to see your visitor count rise. Again, this is good, but not the ultimate goal you're trying to achieve unless you get paid on a cost per impression basis.


This is the big goal. The end-all, be-all purpose of search engine optimisation. SEO is more than just helping you get rankings and drive traffic to your site. It should also help you increase your conversion counts and percentages. A conversion can be anything you want it to be; a comment on your blog, a download of a white paper, a follow on twitter, or a purchase of a product. It’s important to know what your conversions are so you can set your optimisation goals to help achieve them.

The really BIG secret for any online business

Can you answer this simple question?
Why Would I Stop Buying From Who I Used to Buy From and Start Buying From You?
I always ask prospective clients to tell me why I would want to buy from them instead of buying from their competitor, in other words, what makes their offer better than someone else’s. It is powerful process to go through, that will deliver massive results.
So what’s your answer?

So where too from here?

What does your website need to achieve? Is it achieving it? If not, Why? There is no point sending traffic unless your website can convert them.
We work with you to get your online presence right and make user interaction easy.
We are happy to provide a website audit and give you more understanding of what the issues are. We also have fixed priced programs that provide a measured service for low monthly fees. So start winning more business today using SEO.

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