In the beginning there is The Audit Process

The first step towards success is an audit. The audit avails an in-depth understanding of your business, issues, needs and how ready your business is for positive change.


We start by conducting a series of workshops with all key stakeholders present, in order to highlight all the pain points encountered by the business. Our aim is to document the entire workshop, which enables us to develop a recommendation report.


Our recommendation report is made of the following areas; overview, recommended solutions, high level cost analysis, and an action plan. This information is presented to all key stakeholders, to ensure them that the solutions recommended will address all their problem points discussed during the review phase. 


Here is why Design Post Digital is different from your typical IT consultancy or Audit Company. We take full responsibility and ownership in delivering the recommended solution, you feel best suits your business. Our goal is to present successful solutions and our mission is to support you ever step of the way!  


A stitch in time saves nine...

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