Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having a great website is worthless unless you have quality traffic, or people accessing it on a regular basis.

Are people finding your website through search methods (i.e. Google and Yahoo) or are they finding your competitors?
 Do you know how many people come to your website? What they look at and where they have come from?

SEO is becoming the biggest investment sector of online media - more and more companies are spending a lot of money in order to dominate page 1 of google. 

The two areas of improvement to made on your website are internal (on page optimization)
and external (off site optimization).

Our SEO work focuses on both internal and external optimization. We look at the code and structure of a site and have successful strategies for getting your website on page 1 of google.

We have set programs for different levels of business and specific industries and all our work comes with a guarantee. Our programs deliver results and your site will out-perform your competitors.

Google determines a website rank partly on the quality of associations to a website - not the quantity. Our approach is mindful of this and our linking work is designed to deliver results. One high quality link is worth much more than hundreds of poor quality links. 

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