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Our Process

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With over 25 years of experience in Design, we certainly know a thing or two about Design Management. Whether it is Digital Marketing, Advertising, Web, Software or Application development, Design Management plays a huge part in all these areas. Our process is very simple and we aim to engage with the entire business for their input during all stages of our process.

DISCOVER - Business, Target Audience, Short/Long Term Goals, and more

DEFINE - Project Plan, Milestones, SEO Analysis, ROI Analysis and more

DESIGN - Logo Design, Theme Design, Print, Media, Banner Designs and more

DEVELOP - CMS, SEO, Social Media, Coding, Data Integration and more

DEPLOY - Site Upload, Blogs, Maintenance, Go Live on Software and Application

DEPEND - Training, Maintenance, Coaching, Continuous Support
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Understanding what is necessary in order to deliver a successful project, before beginning to work on it can save you a lot of time and money. Let us help you discover areas that you might have not thought about.

To ensure that we gather all the relevant information in order for us to successfully deliver any project, we conduct a series of meetings and workshops. During this time we aim to engage all key stakeholders to determine their needs, current situation, technology, marketing and goals. Only when we feel comfortable that we completely understand the project and have the approval of all key stakeholders, do we move to the Define phase of our process.
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At this stage we would like to establish exactly what it is you and your company are trying to accomplish. Our aim during the definition phase is to dig deeper in to areas such as Business Needs and Wants, Marketing Goals, Budget, and most importantly understanding as many aspects of your company and processes as possible.

Having a really good understanding of what you do, enables us to help you more. The detailed information we gather from you and your stakeholders will then be used to develop a Scope of Work document which requires an approval from the business. We hand over and take you through this detailed document which will outline a proposed solution that satisfies the businesses needs and wants. Main focus points during this phase are:
  • Detailed Project Planning
  • Deliverables
  • Resource & Funding
  • Business Rules & Processes
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Only upon receiving the carefully reviewed and approved Scope of Work document, will our design and development team initiate the Design phase. We will focus on the specifications you have provided us, your business goals, and work within the budget you've given us. The key areas in the design process are as follows:

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Theme & Template Design
  • Functional Design
  • Technical Design
  • System Architecture
  • Test & Training Plan

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Once you have approved the final design, we will begin the development and building process. Remember, you do not always go through these steps at once. Oftentimes, problems and obstacles will be encountered, and we will have to go back and rework things so that everything works out the way you want. It is not uncommon to go through the define, design, develop, and deployment stages many times before the final product is where everyone desires.

Also keep in mind that the development stage is normally the most time consuming stage. This is the stage where we will be tinkering with various aspects of the initial design to ensure that it is not only visually pleasing, but also workable and that it is delivering a great experience to the end user. Items that are focused on during the development stage are:

  • Application Coding
  • Testing/Quality Assurance
  • User Documentation
  • Program Documentation
  • Change Management
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Once everything has been designed and developed to the point where you, as the client are satisfied, we will launch the product or service. It will be “live” for anyone to use or visit at this point. We will then closely monitor all activities and make sure that no unexpected issues pop up.

Now that real people are using it and customers are logging in and engaging with your products and/or services, both parties will be able to get a much more accurate depiction of how your particular product or service is performing. Here we will make the necessary minor changes, then plan any additional improvements that will be needed down the road. The final steps of the deployment stage include:

  • Hardware/Software Installation
  • Data Conversion
  • User Training
  • Support Training
  • Post Implementation Review
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This phase is what sets Design Post Digital apart from our competitors and continues to keep us in business. With 25 years of experience in Creative, Management and Technology we really understand the meaning of after sales support. 

We feel that it is crucial, not only to be an integral part of your organisation through every part of our recommended process, but to also continue being a key part of your organisation even after our services have been delivered.  

  • Tutorials & Training 
  • Monthly Maintenance & Coaching 
  • On Shore Technical Support 
  • Phone Call Away
Do you have a project? We are here to help!