This site is “Not SECURE” is what the Chrome browser puts on unencrypted websites. As of July 24, if your website(s) is not encrypted it will be tagged by Chrome browser users with a "Not Secure" label in the address bar. (usually in red).

This is not new news as Google, announced its intention to call out vulnerable sites more than two years ago – and now it is happening.

In its blog post announcing the change, Google emphasised its need to see the Web as an environment of 100% encrypted communications. Users of the latest version of Chrome (68) will see a new “not secure” notification when visiting HTTP pages. For the October release of Chrome (70), the company intends to identify unencrypted sites in bright red letters. 

So, the message here is quite simple, encrypt or risk losing rank and all-important traffic to your site. Getting an SSL for your site is quite easy and can be implemented within 24 hours for a low cost - call us on 03 9899 3100 to take action.